The Huka Retreats

The Huka Retreats are the vision of entrepreneur Alex van Heeren. All three sit like jewels in the geography of beautiful locations – all unspoiled and spectacular. Chic and deliberately understated are the signatures of these iconic properties, as much as exclusivity and seclusion.

The Huka Retreats have been born from a desire to create the most exceptional hospitality experience for the world’s most discerning travellers. Truly worlds apart; intimate, sensual, elegant and yet unique in every possible way. Sharing qualities as defining as the vision that created them, The Huka Retreats sister properties offer guests a rare experience – one that has been driven by passion, resource and an unrivalled commitment to absolute style.

Whether at Huka Lodge on the lush green banks of the Waikato River in Taupo, New Zealand – with its hypnotic deep turquoise waters. At Grande Provence Estate amongst the vineyards of the Western Cape’s historic Franschhoek Valley, South Africa. Or intentionally a castaway on your own South Pacific paradise, Dolphin Island – The Huka Retreats all deliver a seamless expression of truly impeccable taste.


Huka Lodge
Grande Provence Estate
Dolphin Island